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It is important to ensure your house or office has a good electrical system in place to avoid power trips and other troubles in the long run. Revamp your house or office into the way you like without worrying about electrical wiring and installation. You can install a new air conditioner in your house or install a new switchboard in your office.

You may be the best student in your Science class but we do recommend that you seek professional technicians to help you with your electrical wiring and installations. It is a dangerous job that requires the right equipment and industry knowledge to ensure a good quality set up, without power trips.


Electrical Wiring Singapore Works

There are two types of electrical wiring, Surface and Conduit. The electrical works of surface wiring are done outside on the outside wall. Whereas the electrical works of conduit wiring are done behind the wall, without affecting the aesthetic elements of your house or office.

Our services include:

Electrical Wiring

Installation of switchboards and switches

Installation of Electrical Fixtures- Air conditioners, fans, etc.

Electrical reinstatement or removal

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Electrical Services

Our experienced technicians will adhere strictly to the guidelines for HDB flats or commercial buildings. If you are unsure about the different terms and conditions, fret not! Leave it to us and we will work towards giving you a hassle-free experience.

Mega prides itself on providing skilled technicians to help you with all your electrical works. We provide a wide range of electrical wiring and installation services. Chat with us to see how we can meet your needs today! Contact us to arrange for a quote, we are always ready to serve.

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