What Is

Hoarding Works

We have all seen hoarding works in our day to day life yet not recognised it. Simply put, hoarding refers to the large panels that separate us passerby from any construction or renovation works. These panels help to mask any ongoing works and shield us from the work hazards.

More than just a physical barrier between construction or renovation sites, hoarding panels also provide many other uses. For starters, they can provide directions to passing pedestrians, ensuring that no one gets confused with the change in environment. At the same time, hoarding boards can also host marketing and communication messages. Be it a preview of whats to come in the space or advertisements of third parties, hoarding boards provide a great visual space.

We Provide

Hoarding Panels


Corrougated metal hoarding


Fire rated hoarding


Flat panel hoarding


Interior hoarding


Decorative hoarding board


Temporary site hoarding


Clear hoarding


Corrougated hoarding sheet


Hoarding board for construction


Temporary walkway canopies


Resusable hoarding


Timber hoarding


 Vertical hoarding

We Provide

Hoarding Installation

Our hoarding works include:

1. Onsite assessment
2. Work base setup
3. Delivery of hoarding materials
4. Installation of hoarding system
5. Checking of hoarding system reliability and for hazards
6. Removal of hoarding panels upon completion of site works

Timber Hoarding

Timber is often used for hoarding systems in long term sites and offers a highly secure option. Other benefits include:

  • Ability to be post mounted
  • Can be incorporated in pedestrain or vehicle games

Water Filled Base Hoarding

Water filled based hoarding systems are preferred for short term and temporary situations. Other benefits include:

  • Very easy to dismantle, transport and redeploy
  • User friendly interlocking system
  • Good for places where digging in is not possible

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