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At Mega, we offer a variety of metalwork services such as cutting, bending, assembling, welding and creating.

We offer custom metal works for a wide range of clients. If you are looking to make large metal structures for your office or factories, or our experts are ready to service you! Our consultants can provide technical advice and support according to your needs.

You can customize the metal structures that match the style of your home and office, giving it a unique look. Utmost importance is placed on craftsmanship to ensure a clean finishing for the end product.

The modern methods of metalwork are auto CAD, water jet cutting, laser cutting, and plasma cutting. These sophisticated techniques made it possible for your complex designs to come to life.

Metal Bending Singapore

Metal bending is a technique used to alter the shape of metal through applied force. This allows us to bend metal at an angle or form a desired shape, thus allowing the metal to be applied to a variety of environments.

We perform metal bending by hammering and using press brakes. In addition, we employ advance technology and machines that enable us to quickly and accurately alter the shape of metals.

Offline programming software ensures a level of precision in our metal bending works that ensures no compromise on the strength and durability of the metals.

Our engineers are well trained to use these precision metal bending tools and will ensure a strong quality of work produced.

Mega Wielding Singapore

Metal wielding involves fusing multiple metal parts by means of heat and pressure. When allowed to cool, the parts will form a joint. Specifically, the base material is melted at high temperature, allowing for the joint to become stronger once formed.

Common joint configurations include: butt joint, T joint, corner joint, edge joint, cruciform joint & lap joint.

At Mega, we perform both arc wielding and torch wielding works. Using either an electrical arc or a oxyacetylene torch, we generate high amounts of heat to melt the metal and join the multiple components.

Our engineers carry out all metal wielding works in a safe and efficient manner. We never compromise the wellbeing of your property or any passerby.

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It is our commitment to pay attention to the details and specifications of your request for any metal structures you need. We use the latest techniques and cutting-edge technology to make sure your product is of the highest quality cost-efficient in production.

We have worked with multiple clients and have built a reputable name for ourselves in this field. Hence, we look forward to working with you and continue to provide you with the best quality product and services.

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