One-Stop Renovation Services

Additions & Alterations (A & A) Works

Floor & Roof Tiles Repair, Renovation and Maintenance, and Wall Partition Addition.

Metal Works

Metal Structure Cutting, Bending, Assembly, Welding & Creation for Spaces.

Electrical Works

Electrical Wiring, Switchboad & Switch Installation, Electrical Fixture Installation and Electrical Reinstatement/Removal.

Air Conditioning Systems

Diagnosis, Repair & Overhaul, Installation, Standard Cleaning, Chemical Wash, Chemical Overhaul Cleaning.

Reinstatement Works

Premise Repainting, Electrical Wiring and Partition Removal/Addition.

Exhaust Duct Installation & Cleaning

Hood Cleaning, Exhaust Duct Interior & Exterior Washing, Motor Fan & Blade Maintenance and Air Cleaner Checking.

Pumps & Motor Servicing

Leak Fixing, Equipment Maintenance, Rewinds & Repairs, Equipment Control & Panels, Pump & Control Wiring and Telemtry & Instrumentation.

HT/LT/TR Cable Testing & Commissioning

National & International Standard Cable Commissioning Testing.

PU Spray Foam & Jacketing for Pre-Insulated Pipes

Premium Grade Technology to Prevent Air Leakage or Insulation Issues.

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Equipped with decades of experience, we bring to the table top-quality renovation services for our clients.

Our multidisciplinary team is ready to take on the challenge of bringing your vision to life.

Stay on top of your budget with our cost-efficient prices, while enjoying top-notch services.

We guarantee dedicated customer support for every project milestone, from planning, execution, completion and maintenance.

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What Customers Say

Our Renovation Contractor in Singapore

Mega is detailed in their work and transparent in their pricing. They make the renovation process so much easier!

– James Tan

What Customers Say

Our Renovation Contractor in Singapore

If you want good work and reasonable pricing, Mega is the company to look for. They also keep you updated every step of the way, I did not have to worry about the progress for my electrical work.

– Mr Lim

What Customers Say

Our Renovation Contractor in Singapore

Good quality of service, better quality of work.

-Mandy Ng

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