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Room Divider Singapore Installations

Wall partitions and room dividers are non-weight bearing walls that can immediately transform your space. When installed, they transform the privacy, acoustic and space dynamics within any environment. Typically made from brick, blockwork or framed construction together with boarding as a finish surface. Modular systems such as openings, windows, doors, pipework, sockets and more can be incorporated.

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Room Partition Singapore Installation


 Drywall partition


Gypsum partition


Brick wall partition


Concrete wall partition


Hollow blocks


Glass partition


Wooden partition


Plaster wall


Stud wall

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Temporary Partition Wall Singapore

When you consult us for partition installation, we consider the following needs:

  • Do you require internal sound insulation within your space?
  • Do you need visibility between each partition created room?
  • Does your space require inbound sunlight?
  • Does the partition walls need to hold wires or any mounted items?

By asking these questions, we determine the appropriate layout and type of room partition to be used. We carefully balance the need for privacy and space as we install your room dividers. Additionally, we advise you on how partitions might impact your workflow and work with you to derive a suitable layout.

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