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At Mega, we provide the following air conditioning services:

Aircon Diagnosis

Aircon Repair and Overhaul

Aircon Chemical Wash

Standard Aircon Cleaning Service

Air Conditioner Installation

Chemical Overhaul Cleaning

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Chemical Aircon Cleaning In Singapore

Singaporeans are highly-dependent on air conditioning at home or in our office due to the tropical weather. Clean your air conditioner regularly to ensure your system performs at optimal capacity. The dust and debris build-up will put greater pressure on your unit, making it operate inefficiently.

Clean air filters ensure fresh air circulates throughout your home and office. This is vital for your family’s or employee’s health. Clean air also decreases your chance of falling sick. When your air conditioner is operating well, it will filter out toxins effectively, and circulate only clean air inside your house or office.

Importance Of

Aircon Repair In Singapore

Over time, various components of your air conditioner will start to deteriorate. This results in a decline in cooling performance and energy efficiency. Commonly, you will find that it takes longer for your environment to be cooled while temperature might fluctuate during operation.

A malfunctioning air conditioner will also work harder to produce cool air, which increases your utility bills. Hence, to avoid facing higher utility bills, engage our servicing technicians today to resolve any minor issues your air conditioner may have.

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AC Repair Singapore Service

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