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Factor & Facility Design

Factory & facility design plays an important role in a business operation. A good design will maximise the effectiveness of production and at the same time meet the needs of employees. Without a clear plan and layout, the flow of work, information and materials will be interrupted. It is crucial to pay attention to details, ensuring a safe and accessible workplace for employees.

What Needs To Be Considered

Industrial Renovation Works

Factory & facility design requires extensive planning to prevent mistakes and achieve maximum effectiveness. Here are three criteria to consider for your industrial renovation work.


Flow of movement

In order to maximise effectiveness, it is vital to have a smooth flow of movement. Ideally where raw materials enter from one end and the finished product emerging at the other end in a smooth flow.


Space of requirements

Ensure that the rooms and lanes are functional and wide enough to place large equipment. Planning the amount of space required is crucial in determining where equipment are placed, and poor planning will affect the flow of movement.


Future expansion

Factories and facilities should be designed to be easily expanded or modified in case of a change in production needs. With a flexible design, businesses can minimise changeovers and achieve optimal production rate.

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