Hood & Exhaust Duct Installation

Mega provides professional exhaust duct installation and cleaning in Singapore for your commercial needs.

It is a must to have a quality exhaust duct in all commercial and industrial ventilation. It eliminates the airborne unwanted materials from the environment and prevents equipment and workers from getting in contact with fumes, airborne chemicals, dust, and other air contaminants.

Full Service

Exhaust Duct Cleaning

We utilize specialized blowers, vacuums, and brushes to clean your exhaust duct thoroughly and maintain a clean and hygienic working environment.

The services that we provide includes:

Cleaning of hoods

Washing of Interior and exterior exhaust ducts

Maintenance of motor fan and motor fan blade

Checking the air cleaner

Importance Of

Kitchen Exhaust Duct Cleaning

It is important for you to clean your kitchen exhaust system regularly due to the following reasons:


To avoid excessive accumulation of grease on the duct/motor


Avoid kitchen grease fires


Improve equipment life span and efficiency


Reduced expenditure on repairs and replacement


Reduced operation down time


Achieve better hygiene for everyone in the kitchen


Remove debris, mould and air contaminants

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Exhaust Duct Cleaning Work

Our experienced specialists are trained to clean your exhaust duct and bring it back to its original condition. Contact us to arrange for a quote and we are always ready to service.

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