Importance Of

F&B Design

F&B design is an essential part of a businesses restaurant marketing strategy. F&B design plays a vital role in branding and how consumers perceive your concept. Dull and unfurnished F&B designs might form a negative impression on consumers and potentially not visit again. Ultimately, having an Instagramable interior design will entice customers to visit and post about their visit on their page. Most importantly, having a good F&B design will impact consumers psychology to order more and drink more.

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What Needs To Be Considered

F&B Interior Design

F&B is a cutthroat industry where everyone is trying to stand out among competitors. Here are three elements to consider for your restaurant interior design.



Set the tone of your restaurant along with the concept. The concept should be aligned with your branding strategy so that customers can connect the dots.



Lighting is essential in every F&B design as it sets the mood of the restaurant. Many use lighting to create an aura, and it can prompt customers to stay longer or leave the restaurant early.


Design and Architecture

The design and architecture of your F&B interior has a significant influence on customers experience and in creating a functional space for business to run. You will want to ensure your customers comfort to encourage revisits and word of mouth recommendations.

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Kitchen facilities, utilities and layout design


Ensuring sufficient space for diners to have their meal in comfort

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